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Two artists walk into a bar...
stop me if you've heard this one.

When artists gather up at the end of the day, raise a glass and swap stories, interesting things happen.

Artist/Blogger Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret

Our Guest Artist: Mel Kobayashi Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid Our Bar: Trees, Yaletown, Vancouver  In this episode you’ll hear about: Mel’s Blog American street photographer Bill Cunningham American artist Cindy Sherman Pao at My Sister’s Closet and Battered Women’s Support Services Mel’s fabulous videos on Youtube What I wore 2018/2019,…

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Your host artist - carol mcquaid

When artists gather up at the end of the day, raise a glass and swap stories, interesting things happen. As a working artist, I do lots of traveling, teaching and art residencies, shacking up with groups of creatives for varying periods of time.  One of the best parts of this crazy lifestyle is the conversation that happens once the brushes are cleaned and put away for the day. 

Every artist has their own backstory, motivation, mission and method.  None of them are dull.  Listen in as I interview artists of all types; visual, film, recording, performance and any other creative superstars I can talk into meeting me in a bar. They'll share their stories about making a life out of making their art.

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"I loved Carol's interview with Melanie Dekker.  I feel like I really got to know Melanie and her music much, much more!  Thank you, waiting for the next episode"!

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"First episode and I'm hooked!  Can't wait for the next one."

Michelle F
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"I did all the work, and I didn't even get a drink!"

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