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Our Guest Artist: Jenn Brisson

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: The Whip

I’m talking with muralist, animator and lead singer of the music group The Damps, Jenn Brisson.  She was part of the 13’ Off the Ground collective we traveled to Sicily with to paint murals, and she has seriously caught the mural bug.

Our Bar is the Whip, a very cool spot in Vancouver’s trendy south Main area.  We’re on the deck, with all the accompanying neighbourhood sounds.

In this episode Jenn and I talk about animation from Space Jam to Spirit, and balancing a whole spectrum of creative passions. Hang in to the end and Jenn shares 2 adorable little art jokes.

We cover:

  • mural painting in Sicily at the Graniti Murales Artist in  Residence Program with the Vancouver collective 13 Feet Off the Ground
  • indoor mural collaboration in New York with artist artist Phresha
  • the impact of music and the meditative mindstate one gets into while painting something big
  • the early days of Jenn’s animation career, working with pencils, doing clean up or final line animation
  • a few of the films she’s worked on: Space Jam, El Dorado, Sinbad, Spirit, Curious George, 8 Crazy Nights
  • working on animation projects in Korea and China
  • working at Titmouse, and their annual animation staff film festival
  • a fundraiser to Save to Rio, an awesome classic theatre in Vancouver
  • making music with her band.  Jenn sings lead and plays guitar with the Vancouver based band The Damps

I couldn’t find the cover Jenn talks about, but here’s the original Little Dragon by Twice Video on YouTube

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artist Phresha on instagram @phresha

Jenn’s Instagram: @jennbrissonart

The Damps Instagram @thedampsmusic

Aurum “Never Again”  cover of Little Dragon’s “Twice” on SoundCloud

13′ Off the Ground Instagram @13feetofftheground

Graniti Murales Instagram @granitimurales

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