At Sea with The Barricade Boys

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Our Guest Artist: The Barricade Boys

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: The Commodore Club onboard the Queen Elizabeth somewhere between Stockholm and Southampton

This week we’re in the ship’s bar onboard the Queen Elizabeth talking with the Barricade Boys, a group of performers who connected doing Les Mis in London’s West End.  They all have amazing and varied careers of their own which I’m excited to share with you.  At the moment though, they’re hopping on and off cruise ships around the world, sharing their incredible harmonies onboard cruise lines like Cunard. Stick around, you may even hear them sing a few bars!

Now let’s head to sea and listen in as the Boys and I talk about growing up in London’s theatre scene, traveling the world while balancing side projects, relationships and careers at home, and what it really takes to gel as a group, both onstage and off.   Cheers

 In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Barricade boys featured on this episode: John Addison, Tom Milner, Lee Honey Jones and Robert Oliver West
  • How they met
  • The Les Mis/Barracade inspiration
  • Working and traveling as a team
  • Stage and Theatre Schools in London
  • What it’s like finding theatre work at the moment
  • The magnitude of people coming through performance school s each year (11,000 people graduate from some kind of UK Performance School every year!)
  • How to be a good co-worker and a good cast member
  • A little example of what they do at 11:00
  • Choosing careers: football vs music
  • Doing Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall
  • Being on various shows like The Voice and Waterloo Road
  • Mama Mia Hair, High School Musical, Book of Mormon, Thoroughly Modern Millie and all the other shows they’ve performed in over the years
  • Being a child actor (Lee started as Young Gavroche onstage as a child)
  • How to keep your voice/instrument strong
  • Being famous in Poland with a number one pop song!

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