Eerie and Awesome at the Shameful with Rebecca Chaperon

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Guest Artist: Rebecca Chaperon

Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Bar: The Shameful Tiki Room

Today’s guest is visual artist and author of my new favourite book “Eerie Dearies – 26 Ways to Miss School”, Rebecca Chaperon!

Forgive the erupting volcanoes and come join the fun as Rebecca and I share a ‘Mystery Bowl’ and swap stories about books, art shows, and what happens when celebrities like and buy your paintings. 

 In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Mr. Beach and discover the wonder that is the Shameful Tiki Lounge
  • Rove Studio Tour in Vancouver
  • Rebecca’s charming ABC book “Eerie Dearies – 26 Ways to Miss School” and how it came to be. You can buy them online, in gallery book stores, or in the show notes of this episode!
  • Going to Art School; what she got from Emily Carr vs. Langara College, and the difference between schools that focus on concept vs. technique
  • Starting out at craft shows, and how she moved quickly into the gallery world
  • Her show “Fables” at the Reach Gallery (May-September 2018) – “I’ve always been interested in storytelling, and then I stumbled on Joseph Campbell’s writing.  He writes about comparative mythology sort of taking all these different stories across cultures and boiling them down to the individual points in the hero’s journey, like different transformation phases.  It’s been fun to read that and look at how I want to illustrate those points myself.
  • Working with Art Rental and Sales at the Vancouver Art Gallery and Parks Gallery in Toronto
  • Strategies for finding the right gallery for your work
  • Her Toronto show with Julie Gladstone and how they connected (spoiler alert – Instagram!)
  • Carol and Two Artist’s upcoming European tour and the podcast guests she’ll meet along the way
  • Rebecca’s Instagram moment with Amy Sedaris
  • Deciding between design and fine art at the start of her education and the pro’s and con’s of a pro’s and con’s list
  • An awesome mom faerie story from Rebecca’s childhood

You Can Get Rebecca’s Book Here!

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