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Dishing with Danielle Krysa; aka The Jealous Curator

Season 1 Finale! Today we’re popping in to Mile Zero wine bar tucked between all the vineyards of the Okanagan, sharing a glass with none other than Danielle Krysa.  You probably know her as The Jealous Curator.  In fact you’re probably already following her blog and listening to her weekly “Art for Your Ear” podcast. If not, check it out.  It’s so good.  She’s written as series of books on creativity, including her newest release “A Big Important Art Book, Now With Women” is hitting bookstores right about … now.

Our Guest Artist: Danielle Krysa

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: Mile Zero Wine Bar, Penticton, BC Canada

Our next season starts in February with a Month of Love; artist couples talk about what it’s like when both parties make a living through their create practice.  There are lots of other fab artists lined up for Season 2.  To stay posted make sure you’ve signed up for updates at

Meanwhile, let’s head to Mile Zero and listen in as Danielle and I talk book publishing and podcasts, mural painting logistics, the importance of supporting each other, and the things that make her rage eat nanaimo bars.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Starting The Jealous Curator Blog and Art For Your Ear Podcast
  • The importance of building in breaks for yourself
  • Her criteria for podcast guests (spoiler alert; it’s just ‘people she loves’. It works)
  • The dangers of Art School
  • How her own books and blog helped get her unstuck as an artist
  • Finding joy and success working with collage and paint
  • Danielle shares this awesome quote that Toronto artist Amanda Happé shared during an interview with her: “No one can wrestle the pencil out of your hand. You get to keep going in absolute defiance.”
  • Danielle’s books: “Creative Block” , “Collage” , “Your Inner Critic is a
    Big Jerk”, all available through major booksellers and on her website
  • The challenges of getting her latest book “A Big Important Art Book, Now With Women” published.  Update: It has launched and is a big #1 hit!  Who knew?!  Well, we did.
  • Partnering with illustrator Martha Rich from Philadelphia
  • The magic of meeting her readers on book tours
  • What it’s like when Oprah’s people call ( and a link to this adorable vid on
  • Speaking at Pixar
  • The importance of documenting artist’s work and lives, regardless of their sex
  • Rage eating Nanaimo Bars (don’t pretend you haven’t done it)
  • Finding your writer’s voice
  • Tips on pitching books to publishers
  • Painting murals; including my list of tips to keep it physically comfy
  • Vancouver Mural Festival
  • Working with curator and artist advisor Pennylane Shen of
  • A few hints about what Danielle has coming next!
  • And of course we talk about the Thrive Mastsermind Network where we met, and the importance of community.

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About the author, Carol

I love creating big cityscapes in paint and print. I travel around the world painting, teaching and doing art residencies. I meet artists everywhere, and I love bringing their stories to you on “Two Artists Walk into a Bar” podcast.

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  1. Diana Bushby on 09/22/2018 at 10:35 AM

    Oh my! One of my favourites, the best one ever 🙂 !
    I’ve been following the Jealous Curator on Instagram for ages and it was amazing to hear the person behind it all and her story. The books will be on my shelf shortly (yes all of them!) !!!

    I am so happy to have such a talented, delightful person living in our community. Thanks for sharing her story!

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