Talking Video Arts and Culture Shifts in Freedom Square with Artist Liina Siib

Estonian Film-based Artist Liina Siib joins us in the Tallin’s Freedom Square!

Our Guest Artist: Liina Siib

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: TUUM Kohvik-Bar at the Tallinn Art Hall

We are sitting in a café in Freedom Square, complete with church bells, birds and a bustling tourist throng.  I love it.  Liina will walk us through the realities of being an artist here in Tallinn, the impact of the Iron Curtain and its fall, specifically on the Estonian arts community, and how that has impacted her own art practice.

Now come with me to TUUM Kohvik-Bar and listen in as Liina talks about what it was like to graduate from art school the very moment National Independence was being restored, the role of artists to observe shifting culture, and the issues shes zeroing in on with her current, very thought provoking video works.  You’ll be inspired, like I was, to head to her website and see her fascinating work. Cheers

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Tallinn Art Hall and the current arts scene in Estonia
  • The Soviet Regime, its dissolution and the impact on the arts community
  • How artists reframed and reidentified in a changing culture
  • The personal breakthrough that Liina had an art residency in New York City’s East Side Printshop
  • Liina’s video works past and present, including a ‘flanneur’ project from the 90’s that remains to be brought into the public eye (we’d love to see it Liina!)
  • Her Riga Biennal Video Piece ““Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More”
  • Estonian film culture and its 1960’s boom
  • Arts funding in response to the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic
  • Teaching University Art and Design, and the dance between technique and concept
  • Her upcoming podcast based work regarding migrant women working in Finland

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