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The Nomadic Artist Life

  1. living the life of a nomad; wandering.
    “nomadic herdsmen”

Welcome to this first Two Artists blog post!  Five months ago I started walking into bars with artists around the world to talk about work, life and the creative process.  It’s been unbelievably fun, and I’ve learned so much.  I wanted to share the kinds of conversations I was having with artist as I traveled doing art residencies, mural projects and teaching on the road.  They were one of the best parts of this nomadic artist lifestyle.

I love podcasts myself, and one of my fave’s is Debbie Arcangeles’ “The Offbeat Life”.  She talks to digital nomads and the location independent (my tribe!) about how they created and manage this lifestyle.

We cover all kinds of things, like…

  • how to find art residencies and projects around the world
  • how to make the leap from hobby artist to career artist
  • the logistics of living on the road
  • keeping your support team alive while you roam the globe
  • the importance of being creative, pro or no
  • my upcoming workshops on creative life work balance
  • how my podcast Two Artists Walk into a Bar got its start

Have a listen to our episode here:

Ep. 49 How to turn your artistic talents into travel opportunities with Carol Mcquaid

I hope you enjoy it!  I’d love to hear if there was something particularly useful for you in your artist life on this episode.






About the author, Carol

I love creating big cityscapes in paint and print. I travel around the world painting, teaching and doing art residencies. I meet artists everywhere, and I love bringing their stories to you on “Two Artists Walk into a Bar” podcast.

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