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Spoken Word Artist: Julia Pileggi www.juliapileggi.com

and Host Artist: Carol McQuaid www.carolmcquaidart.com

Our Bar:  The Bimini in Vancouver

Our guest artist today is poet and spoken word performer Julia Pileggi.  I watched her perform at an opening at the Arts Factory and just had to have her on the show.

Lean in at the Bimini while Julia and I swap stories and she performs three of her pieces live on the spot.  Amazing.

 In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Performance: “Us at the Beach” written for her younger brother
  • On her big Italian family and how they show up in her work  “Loud is a normal volume for us”
  • The role of delivery in spoken word
  • Instagram and sharing snippets of poetry as art throughout April: National poetry month @juliapileggipoetry
  • “Go in Poet” and what it means
  • The big writing topics; love, sex, food, family and self worth
  • Balancing the feelings of friends and lovers as they’re appearing in her work
  • Performance: “When You Were Gone”
  • where opportunities to perform come from
  • Work habits: binge writing vs steady writing
  • “These 5 Minutes”, writing prompts called ‘daily dip’ Julia and her writing partner have been writing and posting daily since 2011!
  • Living in Italy going to language school learning Italian in order to communicate with her Nona (grandmother)
  • The realization that she wanted to be a writer and her first writing project, age 7, called “The Geek Who Followed Me Home”
  • On education; studying theatre and playwriting at university, taking comedy writing at Second City, and studying the craft on her own
  • Future goals, writing and stage shows
  • Performance: “The Restaurant Rap” a rap from her days as a server that she wrote during her Second City days
  • After which we swap waitressmare stories
  • Her goods: prints with poetry and art, chapbooks
  • Vancouver poetry slam page youtube
  • Upcoming: a series of food poems
  • Stay tuned until the end as Julia gives us another awesome punchline for the show title.

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