Scream Queen Film Maker Meets Acting School Mistress – with Film Maker and Owner of Rogue Studios Lisa Ovies

Our Guest Artists: Film Maker and Owner of Rogue Studios Lisa Ovies

Our Host Artists: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: The Flying Pig

Listen in as Lisa and I talk over mimosas about:

  • Her new horror film “Puppet Killer”
  • How the script grew from concept to reality
  • The career path that led her here
  • Directorial debut “I Wanna Date You”
  • “Night of the B Movie” from the Fringe
  • Upcoming dream project: Directing “Beverly Hills Lizard People”
  • On breaking into the industry LO: “Where’s the one place I’m not invited?  I’m coming with 5 of my friends.”
  • Her experience with the #metoo movement
  • On being a mentor: “If I’m asking these kids to be brave I have to lead by example”
  • On opening Rogue Studios – Acting School for kids in film “I thought ‘In a perfect world what would a kids acting school look like?’, then i realized, because I owned it, it was a perfect world”
  • She’ll talk about how she deals with these multiple roles.  Hint: there are coaches, advisors and personal trainers involved
  • Her big inspirations? Kevin Smith, Tarantino, Scorsese, Remy and Rodriguez
  • The pros and cons of film school vs life experience


Puppet Killer Trailer

Rogue Studios

Beverly Hills Lizard People

Variety Magazine

Amalgamated Dynamics



About the author, Carol

I love creating big cityscapes in paint and print. I travel around the world painting, teaching and doing art residencies. I meet artists everywhere, and I love bringing their stories to you on “Two Artists Walk into a Bar” podcast.

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  1. Julie Smith on 04/04/2018 at 9:04 AM

    What a fun listen! So much energy from Lisa! I really enjoyed learning about a genre I would never have really investigated on my own. Thanks Carol!

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