Sicilian Murals and Robotic Painting Arms with Artist/Engineer Joanne Hastie

Our Guest Artist: Joanne Hastie 

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: Milano on Fairview Slopes, Vancouver

Our guest artist today is Joanne Hastie. You’ve probably seen her lively cityscapes with their bright red signature.  They are held in collections all over the world.  She’s part artist, part engineer, and is having lots of fun programming a mechanical arm to paint like a human. She’s also the instigator of the Internationally traveling Canadian Art Collective 13 Feet Off the Ground, of which I’m a happy member.


Now let’s head to Milano and listen in as Joanne and I talk hacks for dealing with a tight painting space, whether a robotic painting arm is a tool or a creator, and what it feels like to paint on a scaffold 40’ in the air.

We’ll cover:

  • wanting to incorporate her engineering background into her work
  • her robotic arm project “I got a robotic arm in my studio and I’ve been getting it to paint for me.  I call the project Painting Variables because when you’re programming a variable is like a noun… It’s breaking down the process of painting”
  • the debate about what art is, and whether a robot is the artist or the tool when it paints
  • the forming of the collection 13 Feet Off the Ground, and how she organized a mural painting adventure for a group of Canadian artists in Sicily
  • what it’s like to paint a mural 40′ off the ground (hint: it gets easier as you go)
  • finding residencies through sites like Resartis

Links (through the episode webpage)

Vote for Joanne at the Robotart:

Joanne’s instagram account

Painting Variables – the instagram account for Joanne’s robotic arm

13′ Off the Ground

Graniti Murales Art Residency


About the author, Carol

I love creating big cityscapes in paint and print. I travel around the world painting, teaching and doing art residencies. I meet artists everywhere, and I love bringing their stories to you on “Two Artists Walk into a Bar” podcast.

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  1. Tannis Hopkins on 04/19/2018 at 2:35 PM

    Fabulous interview Carol! Joanne sounded wonderful- the whole thing was . very engaging and entertaining!

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