A Walk in Surreal Stanley Park with Painter Tim Fraser

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Our Guest Artist:  Tim Fraser 

Our Host Artist: Carol McQuaid

Our Bar: The Dublin Crossing in Cloverdale, BC, Canada

Thanks for tuning in to episode 19 of Two artists walk into a bar!  I’m your host artist Carol McQuaid.  Our guest artist this week is Painter Tim Fraser.  He paints strange and wonderful utopian landscapes of Vancouver’s Stanley park.  You may have seen them at the Ian Tan Gallery.  Fantastic.  He joins us to talk about painting in the park, how to find a gallery that’s the right fit for the artist, and some awesome musings on the real value of limiting both palette and subject matter.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Cloud gazing through a landscape artists eyes
  • Fantasy utopian landscapes and Stanley Park as muse/inspiration
  • How he found a quiet by simplifying forms
  • The process to become a Stanley Park painter and what he learned from the other artists.
  • His shift from park to The Kurbatoff gallery and finally Ian Tan Gallery where his work can be found now
  • Capture Photography Show and Penny Lane Shen
  • Treating light and shade as an object
  • Working for the Semiamahoo Arts Council in South Surrey White Rock
  • The cinematography tricks he uses to lead the viewer around his paintings.
  • Beijing art scene and the importance of travel and new input
  • Studio practices; urban vs suburban and the need for community vs the need for uninterrupted painting time
  • Colour selection (where I share a little tale about Vancovuer artist John Capitaino)
  • And of course… we finish it off with a little tale delivered by a Stanely Park resident 😉



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